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We have a firm experience in ICT industry and  jammer manufacturer. Based upon the ICT technologies and field experiences for more than 15 years, we have designed and manufactured a wide variety of  jamming solutions with an objective to offer a more advanced digital jamming machine to combat the current challenges.  


Our latest jamming solutions with the recently developed digital technologies are sure to be distinguished from other competitors. Defense is extremely harder than offense but we are striving to defend our customers from the offense.  We are sure, it is available with our advanced digital jamming technologies.   Go with us, you’ll be satisfied!



Thank you for your interest in Our product (by HYPERCOM).  If you’d like to speak to a sales representative please send a email or call to us directly. A HYPERCOM representative will contact you shortly.


Corporate Headquarters

Address         Gunpo-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea [13572]

Office phone:   +82-70 - 4694 - 5588   

Fax :    +82-70 - 8260 - 2287